How To Pay
  1. Buyers after ordering goods can make payments via bank transfer either through ATM, m-Banking, or cash transfers to our account.

  2. Payment can be made by transfer to the bank account:

  • BCA   

    • No. Account 4727820069

    • Cabang Galaxy Surabaya

    • a/n. PT. VITAPHARM

  • Bank Mandiri   

    • No. Account 1400004409950

    • Cabang Pahlawan Surabaya

    • a/n. PT. VITAPHARM

  • BRI

    • No. Account 057601000243308

    • Cabang Ngagel Surabaya

    • a/n. PT. VITAPHARM

After making a payment the buyer can confirm payment via:

  • Our website is RedA: Click on the shopping list, click the "Payment Confirmation" menu to confirm.

  • Text to number 082.260260.338 with the format:

    Confirm # No. Order # Amount paid # Bank Sender # No. Account Sender #


    Confirmation # 02345 # 100,000 # BCA # 088123856 #

  • Fax (031-8438022) or Email: [email protected] by sending proof of payment transfer accompanied by NO. ORDER that we provide when you have finished the transaction.

We will process your order and send it if we have received confirmation from Bank BCA or Bank Mandiri.

Payment confirmation that we receive after 12.00 WIB (on weekdays: Monday-Saturday) will be processed on the next working day, except if we process the Saturday and Sunday the following business day.

Delays or errors that occur in the transfer process are beyond the authority of Red-A Shopholics, and are not the responsibility of our side.

If there are questions, please contact us at Contact Us or at 031-8435657 on weekdays (except national holidays) Monday-Friday, 08.00-15.00 WIB, Saturday at 08.00-12.00 WIB or via email at: [email protected]