Terms And Conditions
  1. VIVA Shop is an Online Shopping service on the MyRed-A web for consumers. We serve sales of cosmetic products both in the form of retail and promo packages that we provide for a certain period.

  2. Red-A Shopholics serves sales and shipping throughout Indonesia.

  3. Viva Shop serves a minimum transaction of Rp. 50,000, - we will not process the transaction below.

  4. Shipping costs are in accordance with the applicable rates from Surabaya to the destination city / destination address. And will be emailed separately.

  5. Especially for minimum transactions of Rp. 100,000, - (one hundred thousand rupiah) FREE shipping costs for all regions of Indonesia.

  6. The prices listed include 10% VAT.

  7. Prices and inventory of non-binding items as long as we have not received payment and confirmation of payment from you.

  8. You will get the Order Number automatically when you confirm the order. Please keep this order number and specify when you transfer payments and confirm payment.

  9. We will process and send new orders when payment has been made and has been received by our bank. You must confirm as we mentioned in the WAY OF PAYMENT.

  10. Payment confirmation that we received after 12.00 WIB (on weekdays: Monday-Saturday) will be processed on the next business day, except for the Saturday / Sunday we will process on the following business day.

  11. If you make an order and have not made a transfer, the order data will be automatically deleted 6 x 24 hours after you place the order.

  12. Delivery to the destination depends on the destination Indonesia. See HOW TO DELIVERY.

  13. Goods purchase transactions can only be canceled if the item has not been shipped and with the approval of VIVA Shop via email. The purchase transaction cannot be canceled if the item has been shipped.

  14. If there is an increase in price or stock inventory is exhausted, or a product specification error by our side, the booking transaction cancellation can be done by you, and payments that have been received will be returned to the owner's bank according to the account printed on your data when making an order.

  15. If the item received is not suitable or in conditions or quality that is not feasible with the goods ordered, you can file a complaint for the replacement of goods to us by reporting via email no later than 24 hours after the item arrives at the destination.

  16. For the selection of products that contain color, we cannot guarantee that the colors chosen will match the actual colors, because the colors listed on our website are references and may differ from the color of the items you ordered. This difference depends on your monitor when viewing our products, in this case depending on the color settings on your monitor screen. If there is a difference, then you cannot exchange the item or cancel it.

  17. If there are questions, please contact us at Contact Us or at 031-8435657 on weekdays (except national holidays) Monday-Friday, 08.00-15.00 WIB, Saturday at 08.00-12.00 WIB or via email at: [email protected]